blurbs, stories and photos from friends and family of Bob

“While, I don’t have any pictures with him. I really wish I did. I got to know Bob for quite sometime. I was his Caregiver. He was special. He taught me how to dance, how to always laugh and fun at work, he taught me how much of a “pro” he was at bowling. He had a personality that was one of a kind and a smile that lit up the room. I’ll never forget how we did a painting session one day, and we painted Christmas trees for the Holidays. However, Bob had his own idea. He painted something abstract and called it an original masterpiece. Bob was the best. He was like another Grandfather to me and I will always remember him.”

Submitted 6/6/2020 by Anna Marie Mauro

“I met him (Bob) when I was in high school. We were going prayer meetings on Wednesday nights in Weymouth and I was going be spending the night at your grandfather’s house. He’d drive John and I and Kathy to school in the am on his way to work. He stopped by to pick me up the first week, so my mom and dad could meet him. Oh wait…my mom and he already knew each other! He’d been my mom’s “bag boy” at Supreme Market in Southie! Immediate trust and so much love and acceptance shown to me! And what a kind-hearted, full of good humor, sweet, accepting man. A role model to my husband (future husband, at the time)…and what an excellent role model to follow. He gave the best hugs and was one of the most patient individuals I ever met. We will certainly miss him. All of us. Sending warm hugs and lots of cyber-love.”

Submitted 5/26/20 by Patty Gardner

“My Dad; my hero, my biggest cheerleader & best example of loyalty & love to friends & family.  I will miss you dad.”

& Photos
Submitted 5/20 & 5/21 2020 by Beverly Schechter

Submitted 5/19/2020 by Jackie Fanning

“My Papa”
Submitted 5/18/2020 by Benjamin Heinrich

I called nana from Germany in 2018, to ask how she was doing. I’ll never forget her answer, “Oh Ben, I love it. I’m so happy. My hardest decision in life is, do I want to go to the beach or the pool today?,”
I can only hope to be able to provide my family with the same kind of life he did.

The aloof goof. Taco Bell twice in one day. Sodas mom will never find out about. My papa – is the best – duh. Flying in to the wrong side of Florida and you driving all the way to come pick me up… “YEE-HAW!”

When I think about “The man I want to be when I grow up,” that picture looks a heck of a lot like you. Hard working. Doing anything and everything for his family and friends. An amazing husband, father, grandfather and cook. Not to mention worker. I love you. I miss you already and I’d be rushing to come see you, but I know you wouldn’t want that. Got to make you even more proud, first. I’ll see you soon enough & until then, crush a few beers with dad for me and don’t eat all the ribs!

Submitted 5/18/2020 by Emma Grace Heinrich

Special thank you to Emma Grace and Mom (Bev. S) for the collecting, gathering and scanning of all of the photos and info up to this point. I couldn’t have gotten any of this done without you both. <3